Welcome to Trinity Orthopedics near Fort Worth and Keller Texas

Trinity Orthopedics near Fort Worth & Keller Texas is a group of highly trained physicians providing a variety of orthopedic services. Everyone here believes that a conservative approach with personalized attention is the best way to attain the optimal outcome for a patient.

When you visit Trinity Orthopedics Fort Worth, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that you are comfortable and that you ultimately leave our clinic happy and fully functional.

If you have an injury or had a past injury that has not recovered well, we can help, our doctors and staff are here for you. We work to answer every question you have so that you can actively participate in the planning of your treatment.

We strive to not only safeguard your health, but to improve your body so that you can live your life the way you want to. Are you hurt? Trinity Orthopedics Fort Worth can help.

Spine Care at Trinity Orthopedics in Keller and Fort Worth Texas

Our Fort Worth orthopedic surgeons are highly experienced in mending broken and wounded bones. With a conservative approach and the surgical expertise simple and complex cases, our orthopedic doctors give your body a solid structure so that it is functional enough for you to live comfortably.

Arthroscopy at Trinity Orthopedics Fort Worth, and a location in Keller Texas

Arthroscopy is an advanced yet minimally invasive procedure that allows our orthopedic surgeons to look deep into joints in order to diagnose conditions concisely and perform surgeries with a reduced recovery time. We also specialize in diagnostic ultrasound for an even less invasive methodology.

Pain Management at Trinity Orthopedics Keller and Fort Worth

People feel pain. It’s natural, and our doctors know pain. They understand how patients feel and that they all feel pain in different ways. Our pain management expert works with patients to relieve their pain and restore their functionality so that they can live the way they wish, pain-free.

Sports Medicine at Trinity Orthopedics Keller – Fort Worth

Our doctors love sports and are active athletes themselves, so they know the trials of an athletic life. Trinity Orthopedics offers injured athletes a full spectrum of treatments in sports medicine. Our doctors use their years of experience to get athletes back on the field as soon as possible so that they aren’t laid up in recovery for months at a time.

Physical Therapy at Trinity Orthopedics Keller – Fort Worth

Trinity Orthopedics offers physical therapy because we want our patients to come in and leave knowing what they can do to prevent future injuries. Whether you need hands-on therapy or guidance with the proper exercises to perform at home, our physical therapists can help.

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